R Resources

Links to previous Cape R User Group slides/seminars etc

Glenn Moncrieff on Leaflet / R / Shiny (on RPub)

Robert Schlegel with Shiny and the SA Coastal Temperature Network [links to come, wordpress irritating about file types]

Brian Peterson on Developing and backtesting Systematic trading strategies  (YouTube) and slides

Jasper Slingsby on A Primer for Spatial Data Analysis in R (RPubs)


General Resources

IDRE UCLA Statistical Computing have an amazing website full of annotated examples of standard analyses in R (and other software). If you need to know how to do a logistic regression or an ANOVA in R this is the first place to check. Really.

Great example of the shiny package in action, plus great examples of clean R figures to put in your next paper.

This is where I send people who have zero R experience.

First – the codeschool, it comes with badges and everything and you don’t even need to install R!

Then this coursera course (if it is running, and the individuals have time)

Then I suggest specific tutorials. List will go up soon.