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What is CapeR?

CapeR is an R-Users group. These are informal groups of R-users getting together to share code, problems, solutions.

We have a mailing list, a tweeter, and regular hacky-hour work sessions, plus monthly (sort of) meetings with speakers and socialisations.

I can’t get my code to work?! Help!!

Google is your friend. So is StackOverflow (the stats one), but sometimes putting together a reproducible example can be hard, and the answers can be unfriendly and unhelpful (eg: read the help file), so you can try sending a message to the CapeR mailing list. We try to be friendly.

Who is CapeR?

The CapeR Users group was founded by Maia Lesosky (Senior Lecturer, Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Dept. of Public Health & Dept. of Medicine, UCT) and long time R User and Anelda van der Walt, founder of Talarify. The CapeR Users group is made up of all the R-users that are active in the community, either by participating on the mailing list, or coming to meetings or suggesting ideas and taking the lead on new initiatives. We welcome you all!