Cape R User Group Meeting v 0.4 

Title: A Primer for Spatial Data Analysis in R
Date: September 10, 2015
Time: 17:00 for 17:15
Location: UCT Club, Upper Campus
RSVP: here (last t-shirts from Revolution up for grabs)

Presenter: Jasper Slingsby

Fynbos Node, South African Environmental Observation Network
South Africa, Centre for Statistics in Ecology, Environment and Conservation;

Abstract: Points, lines, polygons and rasters – R can handle them all. My aim for this session is to give you the basics required to teach yourself spatial data analysis in R. I’ll start by briefly covering CRAN Task Views and how to install them (using the ’Spatial’ task view as an example), followed by some pointers for useful DIY resources, and then work through a practical example exploring fire history layers (polygon), topographic (raster) and locality (point) data using the libraries ’rgdal’, ’raster’ and ’sp’. The example will cover setting and changing projections and extents, raster calculations, rasterizing polygons and extracting data with a few neat tricks along the way. Depending on how much time that takes (and how my week pans out) I may touch on spatial interpolation, parallelising your code, and creating cool animations :) If there’s anything you’d like to see covered, email me (jasper at saeon dot ac dot za) and I’ll see if I can include it (but note that I am not a helpdesk…).


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