Summary Cape R User Group meeting v 0.2

We had such a great talk by Prof AJ Smit from the University of the Western Cape last week, dodging graduation, load shedding and a last minute realisation that one of us had the wrong date. The talk was so interesting I didn’t even take pictures. Basically Prof Smit gave us a run down of the process and workflow that his lab uses to work with (a lot) of data – they have more than 40 years of fine scale (both temporal and spatial) coastal ocean temperature data that they work with. They also make fantastic visualisations in R (stolen screenshot of webpage).


The lab uses a combination of version control (git in this case), R, and LaTex for reproducible analysis. Apparently there is a package on the way…. It’s very exciting to see the principals of open, reproducible research and great visualisation getting implemented – plus the data is cool.

Lab details can be found here: and thanks to Prof Smit for the talk and to sponsor Revolution Analytics for the t-shirts. We all <3 R.


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