CapeR User Group meeting v 0.2

Very happy to announce the next CapeR User group meeting happening on June 11, 2015. Prof. AJ Smit (UWC) will be giving us a great talk about the The South African Coastal Temperature Network: A Workflow in R.

Abstract: I will discuss the ingestion of large datasets, data manipulation into a standard internal format, numerical and statistical processing, and visualisation. Rather than focusing on specifics relevant to individual packages, I will structure the talk around the broad capabilities of R and several key packages, particularly those of Hadley Wickham. Along the way I will also introduce Github and some other nifty things. Effectively I am using R to do the types of processing for which oceanographers historically used Matlab and Python.
I’m sure this will be of interest not only to R / OpenScience enthusiasts but especially to oceanographers and people in related fields, please spread the word! RSVP for entry into draw for a prize from our sponsor Revolutions Analytics. 
Date and time: June 11, 2015, 17h00 for 17h15
Place: UCT Club, Upper Campus Sports Centre, UCT


Prof. AJ Smit
Department for Biodiversity & Conservation Biology
University of the Western Cape


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