Hacky Hour brought to you by the Cape R User Group

Written by Anelda van der Walt

These are words often heard at Hacky Hour events around the world. What is a “hacky hour” you ask? Hacky hour refers to a predetermined time and place where people can meet to informally discuss and work on their currently experienced challenges and breakthroughs related to “code, data and digital tools” [1].

Events formatted as hacky hours and user groups are not new to the world of computer fundis, programmers, and students. On 3 April 2011 the Stanford Association for Computing Machinery’s [2] Happy Hacky Hour was born [3] with the invitation “People interested in hacking on stuff and chilling with like-minded students are invited to show up and work on whatever they want together…” [4]. It has more recently also been adopted by researchers globally to address critical needs in computational training.  In 2014 Hacky Hour [5] events were launched at Melbourne University as part of their Research Bazaar [6].  The success of “problem solving hours” hosted by organisations such as the Research Bazaar and others have inspired researchers worldwide  to participate in similarly formatted events to enhance their computational skills related to research problems.

Mozilla Science Lab [8] works tirelessly to enhance collaboration amongst researchers, developers, librarians, and publishers.  Recently they created an international map displaying hacky hour and user group events around the world [8].  The Cape R User Group [9] became the fifth group added to the map alongside the Vancouver Hacky Hour [10], Davis R-User Group (D-RUG) [11], Data Science Hobart (DaSH) [12], and the Bureau of Meteorology (Melbourne) Hacky Hour.

If you are the lonely R user in a sea of Excel-ers, join CapeR and participate in a community who will celebrate your aha! moments with you.  We’re looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

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